Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ~~~ Look What I Just Won !

So much fun to get an
email this morning,
to say that I won this
adorable pedestal box
with a witch on top !
Thank you so much !!
Such a fun surprise after
the yucky weather weekend
I just had with a
snowstorm that broke
4 and a half of my
6 trees I had left after
the tornado.
Not to mention 24 hours
without power !
Happy Halloween Blogger Girls !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Ride To Shelburn Falls , Massachusetts

Who knew there would
be so much garden color
in the middle of
October ?
These beauties above were
bought at a lovely roadside deli
and country store near
the Bridge of Flowers.
We took a pretty Fall
ride last weekend to
Western Mass
and stoppped at
many places along
the way.
Our destination was
The Bridge of Flowers
in Shelburne Falls
where we were
married a little over
6 years ago.

I never expected to see such

beautiful color still going

on in mid October !

The flowers were still

To think that all of this

was almost all washed

away with the massive

floods the little town had

during hurricane Irene

this past summer !

The bees are
still lovin' it all too !

Simply beautiful. So much art in nature.

Go out for a ride and
soak up some of this fall splendor before winter is knocking at our door. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bloggerette Sorority Secret Halloween Swap

Look at this adorable
Halloween treat bag
I recieved as part of
my secret
Halloween swap from
DeeDee at
I just love it !
A special handmade card &
some treats were sent
along with it.
I love the little treat jar.
A very cute bandana & slippers too.
I love the hand made halloween tags &
sweet little butterfly book.
She also sent plenty of
goodies for me to craft with.
Such a cute Halloween
assortment !
You spoiled me DeeDee !
Happy Halloween !
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Challenge This Week Is ~ Home Sweet Home ...... and nursing the flu

to see what others have done
with this theme.

Down with the flu this

week so my little

art project is a bit

late !

Lots of sneezing, coughing,

sore throat, body aches,

headache, chills , sweats,

you name it !

All I did was sleep yesterday.

Lots & lots of hot tea for me .
These little sticks with
honey on them are great !
I bought a few of these at
The Cracker Barrel.
I'll have to go back there &
stock up !
I think tomorrow I should be
almost over this.
I Hope
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Home Since The Monson June 1st Tornado

Almost 4 & a half months since
the devastating Monson
tornado on June 1st.
We've cleaned up all of the trees
we lost. It used to be woods
behind my house and I also
had a very large shade tree in
the center of my back yard &
a beautiful flowering
crab apple tree to the left
of my front walk.
We've replaced the roofs on our
house, shed & screen house.
We've painted the exterior.
It used to be a yellow house
with white trim.
We also had to reinforce the
front balcony which was not safe.
Still waiting for our four
broken windows to be replaced.
We lost the railings around our deck
so we decided with the lack of trees
we needed to create our own shade.
We had this pergola built &
will grow a wisteria vine on it.
We already love this spot.
It gives us a relaxing outdoor
room to sit in and look at
the pond or watch the birds.
Back here we have a view of
Main Street which we never had
before. We can also clearly
see the path that the tornado
We still have to have the lawn
regraded & seeded
because it's full of ruts that
you can easily twist your
ankle in.
We've redone one room & one
ceiling inside so far but we also
have damaged ceilings &
wallpaper in 4 more rooms.
I almost forgot about the hallway
and staircase rug we need to rip out.
We're getting there but still
have a ways to go .
It seems like it all just happened
last week. The summer just flew.
A summer I'll never forget !
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Have Such Sweet Friends

Some friends I've met

through blogging &

some friends I've met at

my little shop. I am just so

lucky to have you !

My dear friend Susan, who I first met at

my shop , knows how many times

I've tried to win this book so

she has parted with hers for a while

to let me finally enjoy it !

I could go through this book

a dozen times to soak up all of

this eye candy.

Good thing she trusts me to give it

back , it's a great book.

Thank you Sweet Susan !

My other sweet friend Shirley,
my blog sister since April,
sent me this great Victoria magazine.
I guess she's beginning to know me
quite well too . I love Victoria
magazine! I will be flipping through
this one over & over again too .
I was just about to
subscribe to it again !
Thank you so much Shirley !
Susan , you will get to see this one
when I'm done :o)
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time With My Grandson

How time flies ! My
grand baby boy is
now 2.5 years old.
He stayed overnight at "Nana's"
because his mommy just
gave birth to a baby
sister !
It's still all about him.
He really doesn't understand this
sister thing yet.
His new sister will be
in the hospital for awhile still.
She was born 11 weeks
early and weight 3lbs.-6oz.
We always have fun at
the goat farm. He enjoyed feeding the goats half a bag of tositos & kept telling me they were hungry with each and every chip he fed them. Such a typical little boy. He loves climbing so much.
He's either very tired or deep in thought here.
What a beautiful Fall day to spend with my sweet boy.
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