Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I've Been Working On ...........................

Little Boho Bags 

To Sell In My Shop !

Nice Long Cross - Body Straps 

Nice &Deep ......

All Hand Embellished 

One -Of-A-Kind !

I have so much fun doing these ....

I want to keep them all .

But They Are All Available ...

They are all 6-7" Wide & 12" Deep .
They Are All Lined & Have A Velcro Closure.

$40.00 Each > Shipped 

And I Ship ! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm Still Here ...............................

Yes .... I am still here after
all these years. 

I just find it so hard to 
do all of the things I 
like to do with only half
of the energy that I used to have. 

I have been running my own shop
" Trinkets & Treasures "
for 6 years now. 
I take care of my home, my husband, and
two little dogs.

I'm addicted to Facebook which is
where everyone seems to be these days....
And I'm trying to run an 
Art Group which takes more time than I have.

I'm constantly crafting , knitting , 
treasure hunting,
and reading ........

I've got a neglected garden that 
I'm trying to bring back to
it's glory........

But I am still HERE....
just little bits of me. 

And I'm still popping in on all of
your Blogs to see what all of you are doing .

I'll be back !

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More Ribbon Doll Witches !

I've been having fun making 
these ladies and they've
already begun to sell in my shop .

The one on the left has sold already.
The one on the right still 
I will ship if you are interested .
( The price is 20.00 with 3.00 shipping )

They've all taken on personalities
of their own . 

They measure just under 3 feet long
from the point of her hat to the bottom
of her skirt. 
They look adorable with their 
skirt blowing ever so 
slightly in the breeze of a fan .

Friday, August 28, 2015

My Baby Girl Zoe Modeling My Hand Knit Doggie Sweaters

I couldn't ask for a better model  &
I truly think she enjoys modeling and
having her picture taken .

My sweaters are thick & warm &
cuddly . They will keep your dog 
toasty in the cooler months to come.

This fluffy sweater in shades of pink &
rose is actually way to big for my
Zoe and will fit a dog 12-18 lbs.

This lavender sweater fits Zoe but has room 
to spare and would fit a dog weighing up to 
12 lbs.

They are both available in my
Etsy shop .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Just Off My Needles !

I just finished this long 
cozy stocking hat and it's
 now available in my 
Etsy Shop .

I knit it with double and triple
strands of yarn to make 
this hat extra thick , cozy,
and toasty warm for this winter, 
It's 40" long !

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Witch Ribbon Doll

I know it's a little early 
for Halloween Witches &
things but I was totally
inspired by one of my friends
in a FB art group I 
belong to.

This was fun and so easy & I
know I'll be making a few more 
to sell at my little shop 
" Trinkets & Treasures ".