Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ~~~ Look What I Just Won !

So much fun to get an
email this morning,
to say that I won this
adorable pedestal box
with a witch on top !
Thank you so much !!
Such a fun surprise after
the yucky weather weekend
I just had with a
snowstorm that broke
4 and a half of my
6 trees I had left after
the tornado.
Not to mention 24 hours
without power !
Happy Halloween Blogger Girls !


earlene said...

Congrats!!! Nice giveaway.
Happy Halloween!

susan said...

I love your prize, Sue! Lucky girl!
But, I am so sad that you lost more trees :( We lost a lot of trees too :( Crazy snowstorm in October! I had people sleeping everywhere last night - because we were the lucky ones who got our electricity back first!

xo sue

Chronicles of the Fashion Cupboard said...



Attic Clutter said...

Love the box fabulous
AND Good to see ya again

Shirley said...

Hi Sue, Hey, how much more can mother nature throw your way! Doesnt she know you have your fist up and have had enough already! I was out of power for a short 21 hrs. After the ice storm in 2008 this was a blessing. Sorry you lost so many tree's. Good grief..
Hope you got my email thanking you for such a LOVELY TREASURE!! I need to write you a nice letter..