Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Home Since The Monson June 1st Tornado

Almost 4 & a half months since
the devastating Monson
tornado on June 1st.
We've cleaned up all of the trees
we lost. It used to be woods
behind my house and I also
had a very large shade tree in
the center of my back yard &
a beautiful flowering
crab apple tree to the left
of my front walk.
We've replaced the roofs on our
house, shed & screen house.
We've painted the exterior.
It used to be a yellow house
with white trim.
We also had to reinforce the
front balcony which was not safe.
Still waiting for our four
broken windows to be replaced.
We lost the railings around our deck
so we decided with the lack of trees
we needed to create our own shade.
We had this pergola built &
will grow a wisteria vine on it.
We already love this spot.
It gives us a relaxing outdoor
room to sit in and look at
the pond or watch the birds.
Back here we have a view of
Main Street which we never had
before. We can also clearly
see the path that the tornado
We still have to have the lawn
regraded & seeded
because it's full of ruts that
you can easily twist your
ankle in.
We've redone one room & one
ceiling inside so far but we also
have damaged ceilings &
wallpaper in 4 more rooms.
I almost forgot about the hallway
and staircase rug we need to rip out.
We're getting there but still
have a ways to go .
It seems like it all just happened
last week. The summer just flew.
A summer I'll never forget !
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artistamyjo said...

Love the new colors on your house. It's good to see progress but it must be tough,almost like starting over.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear the problems you've had. But you've done a BEAUTIFUL JOB with painting the house and the back of the house with the pergola, it's so pretty! And I just LOVE your home... love your second floor porch, it's gorgeous! Good luck with the rest of your work. I will say a prayer that all the rest goes easily for you.

Anonymous said...

Your house looks wonderful now. You certainly have had an awful summer by the sound of it. You've accomplished a lot it seems, but still have a ways to go. Good luck with it all, Suzee!

Shirley said...

I wont forget it either. It was so close to our direction but took a turn that left us safe. I could not believe the evening news when the devastation hit the news that day. I was so frightened for you and others that I knew in the area. God was good and saved my friends. It does seem just like yesterday! Your 'HOME' looks beautiful.

susan said...

WOW! Your house is looking beautiful, Sue! And I love the pergola in the backyard (very similar to one we had at our former house). I can already imagine how nice it will be once it's covered with wisteria! Such a wonderful shady spot to relax!

xo sue