Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Have Such Sweet Friends

Some friends I've met

through blogging &

some friends I've met at

my little shop. I am just so

lucky to have you !

My dear friend Susan, who I first met at

my shop , knows how many times

I've tried to win this book so

she has parted with hers for a while

to let me finally enjoy it !

I could go through this book

a dozen times to soak up all of

this eye candy.

Good thing she trusts me to give it

back , it's a great book.

Thank you Sweet Susan !

My other sweet friend Shirley,
my blog sister since April,
sent me this great Victoria magazine.
I guess she's beginning to know me
quite well too . I love Victoria
magazine! I will be flipping through
this one over & over again too .
I was just about to
subscribe to it again !
Thank you so much Shirley !
Susan , you will get to see this one
when I'm done :o)
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susan said...

I feel that I am the lucky one to have such a dear friend as YOU, Sue! You add much joy to my life!
And, I'm looking forward to checking out that Victoria magazine from your friend Shirley!

xo sue

Shirley said...

My Dear Friend Sue,
I'm so happy you liked the magazine as I have every issue ever printed of Victoria..and half the hard covered books too. Is it not true Bliss?..and I'm sure the Romantic Prairie Style book is also true Bliss..your friend Susan sounds like a kindred spirit sharing what excites our senses.

Sandy Michelle said...

If only we lived closer to our blogger friends cause it would be like having Sisters :0) Have a great week!

Sandy xox