Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Firebelly Frogs

Yes , I have frogs !
Do I hold them ?? ....NO !
Do I talk to them ?? ......YES !

They have a pretty large
glass tank that I created a
terrarium in complete with
plants, rocks, caves & a
small pond.

For frogs,
they seem quite

But lately they all seem to want to
climb out !

I'm thinking that having the
window open behind them &
hearing all of the outdoor
noises have them
climbing the walls !

At night they hear all of the
crickets chirping & bugs
buzzing around. They want
to be part of that world.

Look how neat their design
is on their bellies.

The color is so vibrant.

These are neat little creatures &
actually respond to me talking to
them believe it or not.

They can be quite friendly &
actually seek out attention.

I even play music boxes for
them and they stop in there
tracks & just sit and listen.

There you know just
a little bit more about my
firebelly frogs. lol


Anonymous said...

Your frogs have wonderful patterns, Suze! Thanks for telling me all about them. Music lovers? Wow!

susan said...

You have some very unusual pets there, Sue.

Love, Susan xo


I LOVE frogs! I have a frog tattoo on my ankle! Maybe the want out to find a mate?!

Anne said...

I love your frogs, Dear! I'm also your newest follower!