Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just Found This New Adorable Blog !

Let this cute little world of miniatures
 take you away for awhile !

This is all the work & imagination
of Christel Jensen 

Now her little mice have their
 own blog so you can keep
 up with what they've 
been up to !
I love it !


Shirley said...

Hi Sue,
I can recall when I first found your blog! You had Barbie and Ken set up in their home and had them acting out. I loved it. I find the miniature world and the doll world so much fun. Just like it was when I was a child. The blog owner has a great imagination. Love them in the music room.. So adorable.
Hope you are well...

susan said...

I love these little mice - they must be so happy in their fancy home!
You are such a silly girl, Sue.
Have a happy day.

Love, Sue xo