Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day At The Beach !

What a great beach day
my husband & I had
on Monday.
Picture perfect weather !

We went to Salisbury Beach in

Of course we sampled
some yummy food while
we were there.

What I loved about this beach
board walk were all of  the
old vintage signs on the
buildings that have been
there for decades.

Signs so colorful ,cute ,
& nostalgic.

This street was just too cute
with it's signs for cotton
candy & salt water taffy.
Mmmm ...." Dairy Twirl "!

Hot Dogs !

Of course all of this
nostalgia made us feel
like kids.

We both went through
quite a few quarters
playing games in
the arcade.

Time to cash in tickets.
Decisions , Decisions !

What Dollar Store
item should I choose ?

Do you think this lady looks
just a little disgusted
with me? lol

I kept changing my mind .
Ha Ha !

For all of my talents I won
this ice cream cone shaped
cardboard full of stick
on shapes that the lady
said I could stick to my
fingernails....lol .

And all of these quarters above
is what my husband thought
HE was going to win !

Not one quarter budged.

Another neat old building
shaped like a castle &
covered in adorable old signs.
These clowns were awesome !

I think this is a new favorite
beach of mine now.

The atmosphere was
charming, the beach was
spotless ,as was the water.

And the food was
yummy !

I see many more
trips to Salisbury
Beach in my future .


susan said...

Thanks for posting the fun beach photos, Sue! I'm so happy that the two of you were able to fit in another beach day - and you did have perfect weather for it!
I've been sick with a cold/flu thing, but will stop by Trinkets when I'm well again.
Have a happy day!

Love, Sue xo

Shirley said...

So many memories..I love all the old buildings, the games, the cotton candy and fried dough..do they still have fried dough? I love the ocean and have to walk the beach at least one a year..glad you had fun..

Deborah said...

To answer your question at Take A Word, I use Adobe Photoshop, but lots of folks use Photoshop Express, which is a little easier to learn. :-)


suzeeez said...

Thank You Deb :o)