Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do You Ever Just Let Your Mind Wander ?

Have you reached the age where
you start to think of all that
you've been through in your
Your mind starts to wander and
begins to recall specific events and
play them inside your head like
you are watching a movie.

One thought just leads you to
another & then suddenly you are
thinking about things you haven't
thought of in years.

Only during these times do I truly
 realise the years that I've lived,
the things I've done, the people I've
known , and all of the places
 I've been.

We celebrate our birthdays
 each year
and we usually look ahead.

I never really think of how
many birthdays are behind me.

I have experienced that sudden
thought when you ask ,
" Wow, How Did I Get Here ?"

Sometimes it seems like
we are living more than
one lifetime.

Childhood seems like
a lifetime ago.

I remember way back to the days
of dollies , tea parties ,
playing by myself most times.

Sometimes I think back to the
day trips our family would take.

Everyone would pile in the car and
we'd make a whole day of it.

It usually included a pile of
sandwiches & a plastic jug of
Kool Aid with paper cups.

I remember back to each
and every
boy I ever had a crush on .

My kindergarden teacher
would pair us up into
couples and make us
slow dance.

Playing with dolls as a child &
now collecting them as an

Eating out with friends or family
at the Drive-In . The prices
were much more
affordable back then.

I can remember
 A&W  Root beer
being served to us in a
big glass mug and delivered
on a tray by a waitress who
would hang the tray on the
driver's window.

It was always the best.

Believing in Santa & getting
so excited the night before that
you just couldn't sleep.

My brothers & I would
sneak downstairs and
peek in our stockings &
run back up before our
parents were up.

Every day my mind opens more &
more doors and more & more
Some I've forgotten were there.

I enjoy replaying all of these
old movies in my head.

If I get to one that I don't
like for some reason I just
change the channel.

It's good to keep our
memories alive.


Amy said...

I am at that time right now. I am facing my birthday 42. In some ways, I don't feel like I am going to be 42. Other ways, it feels like a lifetime since I was 20 something.

I can only say live life to the fullest.

Susan said...

Oh, that was an ADORABLE post. Just adorable. I remember Mountain Park, too. And A&W Rootbeer. oooooo, I'd like a rootbeer float right now!

So many memories you have brought up. Thanks for them. Sweet! Susan

Lizbethem said...

Thanks for the superb post, Suzee!

susan said...

I love this post, Sue. Most of your memories are the same as mine. Isn't it kind of nice how we replay the events of our life as we get older? It was such a simple time back then.
Have a happy day.

Love, Sue

Shirley said...

What a sweet post. Recalling the past is the best way to spend time. I am always going back into my long term memory bank and recalling the best and yes, even some of the worst of time. I dont ever want to forget my life. You put this post together in such a lovely way that I too now want to have a A&W root beer and I wish I still had my favorite dolls..
Enjoy your memories Dear Sue..and thanks for sharing them.

elephantshoe_ said...

that was really lovely, thanks for sharing