Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Blog Name !

You may have noticed that
I've just changed my blog name.

" Mint Chocolate Chip & Other Joys "

I've recently turned 51 and now life is
all about savouring the daily joys
around me .
I look at this time as the second half
of my life. It's a happy time , not
perfect by any means,
but a very happy time.

I'm thankful for what I
have & with who I am .

I'm no longer hiding my picture
which is what I usually do
because I couldn't get used to
looking at an older me.

Now I can , it's me ,
things change , life goes on,
and I look around me every day
at how rich my life is .

If I can laugh every day
then I am happy.

For the second half of
my life I will try and live
in the moment the best
I can and look for joy in
each and every day .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your birthday and on your new attitude! I think your blog name is wonderful...well, anything with chocolate is wonderful LOL

Loretta said...

Your changes are great...what a sweet way to celebrate life! Hugs

susan said...

I love the new blog name, Sue - you knew I would - who doesn't love mint chocolate chip ice cream! And I love the photo of you - smiling at all of us. You are truly beautiful, inside and out. You DO have a happy life and a wonderful attitude as well.

Love, Sue xo

Susan said...

What a great attitude, suzeeeZ. I love that! Susan (I still hide my picture, though. hee hee)

Shirley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sue,
I love your new blog look. You have made many changes this year. I'm still lagging behind the eight ball..just cant seem to get with the program. The heat is getting to me..I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and my! oh my! 51... your still a young chick!

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