Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy Seed Pod !!

Oh my goodness !!
I went out to get
my mail the other day &
happened to look at my
trumpet vine near the front
of my house &
these are what I found!

This is the first time my
trumpet vine ever produced
seed pods and some of these
are huge !

The biggest ones are over
6" long & about and inch wide.

I planted this vine about 6
years ago I think.

The humidity is really making it
take off this year & it's been
flowering for a few weeks now.
It's beautiful & I really
love it !

I'm going to dry out the seed
pods and I hope to grow them
in the back of my house
over my new pergola.

If they take off and cover
my pegola it will be
beautiful !

I can't wait , but will have
to be patient for a
few years .