Friday, April 29, 2011

My Early Spring Garden

This is just the
tiny beginning of the
colorful show
that my garden puts
on each year.
We lost our 2, very large,
beloved koi
this past winter due to
the extreme weather.
They were with us for
about 6 years.
We'll be adding some
colorful comets later
on in the season
when it's consistently
My angel sits in her
place of honor to
watch over
Froggie & his
Froggie's 1st official appearance
this spring was on
Easter Sunday !
The first warm day
we had in the 70s.
He's very smart!
Some well loved
rustic garden decor we've
been collecting each year.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Challenge

I've decided to join in on the weekly art challenge at
Each Wednesday someone picks a word and then
you create an art piece incorporating that word.
This week the word was UNDERWEAR

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YaY, I Won !

How Beautiful & it's mine !
I just won this gorgeous
embroidered art card
from Suzy at
I need to study it when I get it &
learn this beautiful craft.
I love it !
Thank you so much Suzy.
Visit her blog to see
more of her beautiful work.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Going Overboard !

Wow, I'm looking forward to
the royal wedding just like
everyone else but geeeez,
does anyone else think that
things are really getting
over the top with this wedding?
Pez dispenders?
( how tacky)
It's all I hear about on the TV &
I too am contemplating
getting up at 4 am on
Friday morning to watch
the grand event. But take a look at what
people are coming up
with to make money off
of William & Kate.
I think it cheapens things
The china I can see,
it's kind of traditional. But coasters? Clocks? Poor Kate !
OK, kind of cute.
I wouldn't want
it to be me!
And this is awful,
the Kate Barbie!
Do they want her
to lose even more
The poor girl.
Awful, I'm sorry.
Oh brother !
I hope poor Kate & William
keep all this junk out of
their minds and just
enjoy their big day!
I wish them the best!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Announcing two pairs of new "Blog Sisters" !

I closed this sign up early by a week because there wasn't alot of interest but we do have 4 of us and that's all we need girls. Because Noelle and I already have known each other for awhile through swaps and give aways I will not be paired with her. She's already a like blog sister .
So that leaves ...........................................................................
& Noelle !
You are now officially
" Blog Sisters "


are now officially

"Blog Sisters"

Best wishes ladies !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Still Looking For Some Blogging Sisters !

I'm still looking for ladies who'd like to join in & be paired up with a " Blogging Sister". Don't you want someone to spoil you with little treats or messages in your mail? Don't you want to get to know some of these wonderful blog ladies better? Sign up on this post or the one below & post my button on my your side bar if you wish. Spring is the time of new beginnings & freindships too !
You don't have to have your own blog,
you just have to follow people and blogs
in this " Blog World ".
Join in !

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

" Blog Sisters " Sign-Up !

I'm excited
to host this special event
of a " Blog Sisters" sign-up.
This blogging world of ours
has enriched our lives
in so many ways .
We've all met so many
smart and creative people
who share so much with us.
I thought it would be a wonderful
idea to be paired up with
someone who has so much in
common with you that you
feel like you are family.
Many of us already feel like that
about some people here but
I was thinking of this more like
"adopting a sister".
After the sign up period I
will pair up people to my
best ability based on
likes, dislikes, personalities,
whatever you share with me.
You will hopefully be pleasantly
suprised by your new "Sister"
and get to know her first
by reading each other's
blogs , maybe by emailing
each other, or remembering
her with a little card in
the mail, an little occassional
gift or trinket,
including her in your holidays,
and celebrating each
other's birthdays. You are not
obligated to anything in your
Some will blossom more than others.
It depends of course how you
"click" and what you yourselves
put into it.
I'm really looking forward to
this and am excited about
my future
" Blog Sister" too !
All you have to do is leave a
comment on this post
telling me as much as you'd
like to about yourself .
Please feel free to
post my button on your
blog so we get more
blog friends to join.
Sign ups are til
April 30 th !
"Blog Sister" pair ups will
be posted here on my blog
so you'll have to
check back. I should have
them posted by the 1st
week in May !