Tuesday, April 5, 2011

" Blog Sisters " Sign-Up !

I'm excited
to host this special event
of a " Blog Sisters" sign-up.
This blogging world of ours
has enriched our lives
in so many ways .
We've all met so many
smart and creative people
who share so much with us.
I thought it would be a wonderful
idea to be paired up with
someone who has so much in
common with you that you
feel like you are family.
Many of us already feel like that
about some people here but
I was thinking of this more like
"adopting a sister".
After the sign up period I
will pair up people to my
best ability based on
likes, dislikes, personalities,
whatever you share with me.
You will hopefully be pleasantly
suprised by your new "Sister"
and get to know her first
by reading each other's
blogs , maybe by emailing
each other, or remembering
her with a little card in
the mail, an little occassional
gift or trinket,
including her in your holidays,
and celebrating each
other's birthdays. You are not
obligated to anything in your
Some will blossom more than others.
It depends of course how you
"click" and what you yourselves
put into it.
I'm really looking forward to
this and am excited about
my future
" Blog Sister" too !
All you have to do is leave a
comment on this post
telling me as much as you'd
like to about yourself .
Please feel free to
post my button on your
blog so we get more
blog friends to join.
Sign ups are til
April 30 th !
"Blog Sister" pair ups will
be posted here on my blog
so you'll have to
check back. I should have
them posted by the 1st
week in May !


suzeeez said...

I will go first. My name is Sue, I'm almost 50 , I live in an old house from 1891 with my hubby and all of my critters and own my own little shop. I love my home, my garden,pets,my pond,the beach,being creative,antiques, tag sales, estate sales ,reading, my dollhouses and doll collection and sweets ! I am not a formal person, I like a sense of humor and being light hearted. I like to mix old and new and have an eclectic taste in decorating.

Shirley said...

Hi my name is Shirley..I don't know how it happened but I'm 59..Ouch..I love so many things..Life, Nature, and of course Family and Friends and the children in my orbit. I'm honest, a true friend, always kind and love all things that matter in life. I have no hang-ups...I love Valentine's and flowers so much...and I care about all things that live.. I have been paired with sisters on yahoo lists and never met any that havent become good friends..this will be so much fun..

Dolly said...

Thank you Suzeez.

Hello, my name is Dolly, I am married to my soul mate, we have 3 grown children and 6 beautiful grandbabies.
We are renovating an 1876 victorian in a little victorian village!
My interests are antiquing, tag sales, estate sales, auctions etc.
I love reading old home decorating & gardening magazines, painting, photography, gardening & canning everything,and more.
I collect vintage linens, doilies, buttons, tea cups and tea pots, sepia pictures of children and brides, jadite dishes, hearts, bunnys, pink & green depression glass, milk glass & more.
My favorite holidays are Christmas, Valentines day and easter.

I look forward to meeting my blog sister!