Friday, April 8, 2011

Still Looking For Some Blogging Sisters !

I'm still looking for ladies who'd like to join in & be paired up with a " Blogging Sister". Don't you want someone to spoil you with little treats or messages in your mail? Don't you want to get to know some of these wonderful blog ladies better? Sign up on this post or the one below & post my button on my your side bar if you wish. Spring is the time of new beginnings & freindships too !
You don't have to have your own blog,
you just have to follow people and blogs
in this " Blog World ".
Join in !


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

count me in! lifes been rough lately- i could use some sisterly love ♥

Shirley said...

This might be new to so many..But believe me..being a sister is a fun thing.and a blogging sister has got to catch on..I hope so..let's just keep trying..

aimee said...

i think you have a great idea! i'm afraid i wouldnt be a very good sister right now. i have been on the go on the go, but when things slow down I'd love to take part. I have 3 sisters and sisters are great! thank you for visiting my blog! i have enjoyed my visit to yours :)

Candy said...

Loved having you come by. Girl...get that machine out and go to town. So much Fun!
Blessings ;-)


HI There (:)Suzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
love your bells and BANNER sooooo cute~!! hugsP