Monday, April 25, 2011

Going Overboard !

Wow, I'm looking forward to
the royal wedding just like
everyone else but geeeez,
does anyone else think that
things are really getting
over the top with this wedding?
Pez dispenders?
( how tacky)
It's all I hear about on the TV &
I too am contemplating
getting up at 4 am on
Friday morning to watch
the grand event. But take a look at what
people are coming up
with to make money off
of William & Kate.
I think it cheapens things
The china I can see,
it's kind of traditional. But coasters? Clocks? Poor Kate !
OK, kind of cute.
I wouldn't want
it to be me!
And this is awful,
the Kate Barbie!
Do they want her
to lose even more
The poor girl.
Awful, I'm sorry.
Oh brother !
I hope poor Kate & William
keep all this junk out of
their minds and just
enjoy their big day!
I wish them the best!


susan said...

Hi Sue,
You gave me my big laugh for this morning!
I agree - it's all so tacky! But, those little tea bags still have me smiling....
Have a happy day off.
Sue :)

Shirley said...

Hi Sue,
I will be watching the wedding as I cant wait to see the dress and watch them exchange vows...but all that tacky stuff is really a bit much..good grief...

Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Miss Sandra said...

Dear Sue,
I got a good chuckle out of this. I too am thrilled about a royal wedding, but yes, this is a bit much!! Thanks for sharing.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Greetings!! Oh this post was funny -- and so true! I agree with you 100% that some things are WAY out of hand (especially the toilet seat, Lord have mercy). PLUS, I am here because I saw an awfully cute little girl's photo who just became my newest Follower and I wanted to visit and become YOUR newest Follower! Is that a photo of you as a little girl? Whomever she is, she is adorable! Thanks for visiting and for Following! And I'll probably be there with you in the TV viewing audience for the wedding. ;)

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

P.S. If you like "Will and Kate stuff" you might want to go to my friend's blog, she did a nice post on them... and she just had some UK visitors! Her blog is: