Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mark & Marie ~ Making Their House A Home

Mark came home today with a
surprise for his sweet Marie,
a new puppy !
Marie thinks the puppy
is just adorable and calls
her "Mimi". She's so glad
that Lava will have
another dog to play with.
At the moment Lava
looks just a little bit
Mark just loves to see
his wife so happy, she
is the love of his life.
Life together has been
Marie really loves her
bedroom. She's found a
pretty coverlet for the bed
finally bought the lamp
that she's been wanting
for months.
The room's been cozied
up with some carpeting &
even Lava has his own
little bed. Now she'll
have to get a little bed
for Mimi.
Marie has a feeling
though that both dogs
will end up hopping
up on the bed with
Mark and her at night.
Marie's been shopping &
decorating the guest suite.
She really has a
knack for making things
comfortable & cozy.
Marie loves the eclectic
look of the mismatched
furniture & treasures
that she's found in her
It's really been feeling like
" Home Sweet Home ".


Janet said...

I just love your little dollhouse! I have one that I'm trying to fix up. You have a really sweet blog! Following back!

Jacqueline said...

Look at your doll house. It looks like my little store with doll finds in every corner.
Stopping by tonight to visit again. Since I opened my whimsical consignment store I have not had a minute free to leave comments and visit. I will be back to you. Love the baby doll banner for sure!

Donna said...

There is something so magical about doll houses. I just want to move into the beautiful rooms you have decorated! Just lovely!... Donna

Anonymous said...

Your house looks wonderful. It really does look like - home sweet home. Such a warm comfortable feeling. I love what you have done with each and every room and the pets certainly add to family.

Shirley said...

There's no place like Home...and this one is beautiful..I'm sure Mimi and Lava will become the best of friends...

aimee said...

that is so adorable! that lady sure is creative and that husband of her's is a real gem. my nieces and nephews call me aunty mimi. when they were little they could not say aimee :) i thought it was funny that her new puppy is named mimi.
aimee said...

I could move right in!