Friday, September 5, 2014

My Knitting Progress

I've started to knit
like crazy again to get
ready for the seasons 

I've come a long way
with my knitting in 
just one year.
Knitting this long stocking
hat is my latest challenge.

Hats , scarves, headbands
finger-less gloves.
That's about all I know
how to do so far.

I am really still just a
 beginner and eager to learn

I have heaps of my hats & 
things at my shop for sale.

I was pretty proud of myself 
last year for selling out of just 
about everything I made.


vivian said...

hey there! I dont think Ive visited you in quite sometime. sometimes I just lose blogs! anyways, great hats. I really should take up knitting again or crocheting. not that I ever was good at it. I used to make scarfs. or rather.. Id start them.. they seldomly got finished! lol!
have a great day

vivian said...
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