Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beautiful Winter Whites Matchbox Swap That I Took Part In !

Beautiful work done
by Jo of " Jo Scraps."

I love this color scheme.

Packed full of winter 
white goodies !

Love , Love , Love it !

So much to create with !
Thank you Jo !

I will post mine that I sent her
 when she receives it .
It is still some where 
between here & Canada !

I hope it is worth the
wait Jo.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Winter Day At Old Sturbridge Village

I've been to 
Sturbridge Village
many times in my life but
it's been about 20 years
I think since my last visit.

It was like seeing it for the
 first time again & I enjoyed it 
more at this age than 
ever before.

Such simpler times I
sometimes wish to go 
back to them. 

Take this wonderful
day trip some time
if you can.
It's great any time of 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Yummy Panini

A very different 
combination but don't
knock it til you try it.

Cinnamon raisin
bagel thins with baked 
ham & swiss cheese.

Hot , yummy
 & grilled to
 from the 
panini grill !

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mmmmmmmm ..... Homemade Soaps For My Shop !

I've been making my
own soap for a couple
of years now and 
my customers are
lovin' it .

They wiped me out 
during the holidays.
They were buying it up 
as fast as I could make it.

My husband and I
both love it too.
It's so rich and creamy
and the scents are
amazing. I always make 
sure to keep a good size 
bar from each batch I 
make. It always feels
like such a treat 
when we use it. 

I have made so
 many yummy 
scents in the past & who
knows what new scents will 
be calling to me this year.

Guaranteed they 
will be awesome !

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Children

My boy ....
my baby Java
will be 10 yrs.
old in April.
I cannot believe
how time flies. 

It seems like just
a few years ago we
went to pick out our
new baby and 
companion for his

This is Minnie.
She was 5 when I
adopted her & 
now my sweet old girl is 
over 15 years old.

She was black when I 
got her & has slowly
turned gray and has
a little white face. 

Her beautiful smile has
changed due to losing
most of her teeth.

She's my best girlfriend
in the whole world & of
course every day I
tell her and remind her.

I tell her she's my pretty
little princess and I 
try to do all that I can
for her. 
She's starting to need 
a lot of help these days
with so many little things.

As you can see my 
2 children each got fluffy
new beds for Christmas
and also sock monkey
They've got it pretty good,
they are family.