Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Winter Day At Old Sturbridge Village

I've been to 
Sturbridge Village
many times in my life but
it's been about 20 years
I think since my last visit.

It was like seeing it for the
 first time again & I enjoyed it 
more at this age than 
ever before.

Such simpler times I
sometimes wish to go 
back to them. 

Take this wonderful
day trip some time
if you can.
It's great any time of 


earlene said...

Gosh what a wonderful place to visit...I would love to visit someday.
Was it very cold outside?

susan said...

Wonderful winter photos, Sue! We haven't been there in years either. But it looks the same - a way of life frozen in time.

Have a happy day!

Love, Susan xo

Anonymous said...

I visited years ago. Love your wintry pix, Sue! xx

Susan said...

Loved your photos. Great job! I've been to Sturbridge Village but not in winter. Loved it.

Also loved the gift shop! Ha!

Take care and thanks for sharing. Susan