Monday, December 31, 2012


I just love my old home.

And I'll never tire of the colors.

And the warm cozy
feeling it gives me.

I DO miss all of  my trees I lost
a year and a half ago during
the tornado.

There use to be a whole line
 of very old
pine trees and oaks and birch
 behind my house.

My own little forest.

Now I'm kind of out in
the open &
still trying to get use to it
after all this time.

Now I see the whole town.

We have a little left
& I AM thankful
for what I have left.

I'm also thankful that It
didn't take my HOME.


earlene said...

I would never tire of the colors either.
thank goodness the tornado did not touch your house.
Nice to see sunshine isn't it!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

Anonymous said...

Your house is very attractive and thank you for sharing these nice photos.xx

Simply Shelley said...

A home is something to be very thankful for,and yours is wonderful...blessings in the new year.

susan said...

Pretty photos of your cozy home in the snow, Sue! Both your house and your yard have come a long way since the tornado!
But, yes, I understand you missing those beautiful trees.

Love, Sue xo