Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Life Takes All Of Your Trees Away ........

This is now what I see from
my back yard.
It used to be a thick patch
of woods.
Now ...... since the June 1st
tornado last year ......
I see all of the Monson, Ma.
downtown .
So with total sunshine.....
I might as well start
a veggie garden !
And build my own shade &
Temporary tarp hung
until vines grow !
Some day if all goes well
my purgola will be covered
with beautiful wisteria.
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Shirley said...

Good morning my friend,
I can see the wisteria now, looking so beautiful as it wraps around the wood and gives you shade with the rewards of beautiful flowers. And your raised beds will be filld with healthy yummy veggies! Enjoy the day, it's a new dawn and be safe..

artistamyjo said...

Sad, our yard looks like a war zone after the awful blizzard we had a couple weeks ago .The weight of the wet snow and then wind left limbs and broken trees every where.
Know just how you feel!

M said...
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susan said...

I'm so happy you are going to grow veggies in the sunshine, Sue! And, your new pergola will be beautiful when it is covered with pretty wisteria! Actually, it's very nice now - but I can picture it covered in shady leaves and flowers, and you sitting there listening to the water in your little pond.
I only wish I could wave a magic wand and bring all the trees back.
This past year has given you such strength, my dear friend - it's been quite a journey for you.

Love, Sue xo

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