Monday, March 19, 2012

Nature's Gifts

My sweet husband knows
me very well.
He gifted me with this
little nest yesterday
It's only about 3.5"
He was out and about
for the day and found
this tiny little wren's
nest that had blown
out of a tree.
He knew I would cherish
this tiny intricate work
of art from nature.
And the earth keeps on giving.
So beautiful even amoung
the winter debris.
I cherish the beautiful
happy colors & new life.
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susan said...

Oh Sue - you have a very thoughtful hubby!
And I see you have given the sweet tiny nest an honored spot, so you can enjoy it.
Love your early flowers too - aren't these spring days wonderful?

Love, Sue xo

Shirley said...

Your Hubby knows that you are a natural for taking care of nest's..after all you care for his nest lovingly..
Enjoy all that spring gives us!
We are very blessed..

Victoria said...

That was so sweet! He sounds like a wonderfully romantic man.