Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mark & Marie ~ Making Their House A Home

Mark came home today with a
surprise for his sweet Marie,
a new puppy !
Marie thinks the puppy
is just adorable and calls
her "Mimi". She's so glad
that Lava will have
another dog to play with.
At the moment Lava
looks just a little bit
Mark just loves to see
his wife so happy, she
is the love of his life.
Life together has been
Marie really loves her
bedroom. She's found a
pretty coverlet for the bed
finally bought the lamp
that she's been wanting
for months.
The room's been cozied
up with some carpeting &
even Lava has his own
little bed. Now she'll
have to get a little bed
for Mimi.
Marie has a feeling
though that both dogs
will end up hopping
up on the bed with
Mark and her at night.
Marie's been shopping &
decorating the guest suite.
She really has a
knack for making things
comfortable & cozy.
Marie loves the eclectic
look of the mismatched
furniture & treasures
that she's found in her
It's really been feeling like
" Home Sweet Home ".

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Couple Of Little Projects & Some Neat Finds

A little art project of mine
which is now
for sale in my shop.
"Cupid's Kiss" is the
name of the sheet
music I used behind the
What to do with orphan or
chipped tea cups.
Adorable little pin
cushions , also now
for sale in my shop.
I found another 2 handled
tea cup!
(Or bullion cup )
I rarely see these & now I've
gotten two very recently.
This gem was 50 cents.
I love this book !
The title got to me
because I have a sister-in-law
"Janet" who will be the
recipient of this book.
This book is from 1897 &
I paid 50 cents !
I'm hoping Janet will
get a kick out of this
when I send it to her.
I started reading it &
it's too cute.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Shop's New Location !

So, this is a look into my new little shop .
I really love being here now that
all of the major moving and fixing is
I'm now that "cute little shop on
the side of the road" that I've
always wanted to be.
When the weather warms up I'll be
sprucing up the outside
with flowers and what-nots so
it will look more homey and
inviting. I'm also hoping to get
my little garage unpacked and
fixed up so that I can open the door
in the warm weather and people can
shop in there too. ! Stay tuned .

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Sad A Day

Our poor world is taking a beating in so
many ways. How fleeting life can
be from one precious moment
to the next.
Be safe my Blogger girlfriends
from around the world.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around My Home

Dollies hanging out
in a funky little
embellished purse.
A new kitty postcard that squeaks !
Now I have two .
I don't see these around often.
Dolly love vingette on
my dresser.
Pretty plates in my
bedroom. Dolly drinking tea in
my livingroom. Tea cups under glass .
(keeps the dust off ,while
looking cute !)
A pretty new tea cup that I picked up at the local
flea market this past
Sweet little vignette in my
"green room". Green ! Beautiful polished rocks
sent to me from a friend.
My fire belly froggies,
doing very well this winter. My baby boy Java who
always has to be
a part of whatever I'm
He looks so relaxed ,
yet deep in thought.
Maybe he's thinking about his
birthday which is in April !
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