Sunday, November 6, 2011

For My Dear Friend Susan

This is me and my friend
Susan when we were little.
(but not really)
It's how I envision
how we would have
if we had known each
I'm also sure that Susan
did not wear glasses
at such a young age.
Susan is such a sweet &
dear person who I've met
through my shop and
have become very good
friends with.
Monday she is having
surgery. Susan has
Please send some
warm thoughts and wishes
her way ! I know they
would mean so much !
I'll see you soon
Susan !


Shirley said...

Dear Sue,
I'm sorry to hear this sad news of your friend Susan. I wish and pray that what ever the Lord has in store for her that she stays strong and I'm sure she is much loved by so many. I pray for her and for you as it is hard for all who's orbit this affects..

Loretta said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. God Bless! Love You, Loretta

susan said...

I love you, Sue. Thank you for always being there for me - I cherish our friendship.

xo susan

peggy gatto said...

I will add her to my prayers. You are a dear friend!

Anonymous said...

I will say a little prayer for your dear friend. God bless her.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Prayers for Susan are being added to the list right now.
So sorry she must endure such an ordeal.

vivian said...

OH, im sorry to hear about your friends cancer. I will most certainly say a prayer for her this morning.

Ozstuff said...

Susan, we are thinking of you from 12,000 miles away in Australia. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Get well soon.

Grannie Annie said...

My Best wishes and prayers for you that all will be well with you...good luck my dear.

Junibears said...

Get well soon Susan. Sending love and prayers from my corner of England.xx

Taluula said...

Be brave and get well soon, Susan. I am sending you warm healing thoughts from my corner of England.

Shirley said...

Hi Sue,
Please let Susan know that I did see her message to me and I so wanted to visit her blog but the page was not found. I'm happy for her that the surgery is over. Now she will just have to get better fast because we are all rooting for her...and of course praying get well fast!

susan said...

Sue, you have such caring friends on your blog. Thank you to everyone for the good wishes and prayers. I will be soon be good as new!

xo sue