Friday, February 27, 2009

Dollhouse Bake Sale

All the ladies in my dollhouse
neighborhood have started
baking today for their big
bakesale that they'll be having
Saturday morning.
The ladies in my neighborhood
want to let the bloggers ladies
know that they'll be selling a
few baked items on their friend
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dollhouse Miniatures

This One Sold !
Thank You !

I just finished making these two

dollhouse miniature

framed photos.


They are 2.25" total length


Very light weight.


They are now both available

on my ETSY !

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Sick In Bed

It's no fun to be sick in bed.
She's 7 years old and loves her
dolls and elephant collection
but she's just feeling too
poorly to play with them.
Maybe Mom will come upstairs &
rock with me for awhile
in the rocking chair.
Maybe she'll read to me or
sing to me softly.
Maybe she'll just scoot into
my bed next to me til I
fall asleep. That would make
me feel better.

Mom's exhausted after running

up & down the stairs all day

to take care of her daughter.

She's going to unwind with a

glass of wine , a few

chocolates & then check out

her new magazine . Afterwards

she'll go upstairs & sing her

sweetie to sleep.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Bathroom Pictures

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Happy Friday!

Happy Weekend To You !!
If you get that shopping bug...
be sure to check out my ETSY
this weekend.
I've lowered some of my prices
as part of my stimulus

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Bedroom Pictures

The plates , pitcher, vanity tray,

powderbox , and small round

frame were all found during

my treasure hunting .

The dried hydrangeas are

from my garden.

Of course here's my Java again !

I was trying to photograph

the new pink and white ball

fringed quilt that I found last

week at an estate sale . The

lady charged me 50 cents.

My bedside table was given

to me and the cute cherub lamp

was a tag sale find for $5.00!

My beautiful lamp I found last

summer at a barn sale &

paid $5.oo for it.


The wall paper you see in

the background , which I didn't like

when I first saw it ,was in the house

when we moved here & is in great

shape so I let it grow on me.

I like to pile on the quilts as you

can see !

My new pink and white ball

fringed has made it to the top

of the heap .

Another beautiful painted antique
plate and framed swan print were
also both found while out
treasure hunting.

I have a big old antique basket at

the foot of the bed that holds more

quilts , afghans, and extra

smaller pillows that I throw

into some lace edge and

embroidered pillow cases.


I'd rather put my room together

by hunting for pieces like I do

instead of shopping in a store.

I forgot to mention that it all

started with my headboard

which cost me $4.00 !

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Gift

My beautiful white cyclamin that

my sweetie pie husband got me

for Valentine's Day. Of course

every time I go around the

house taking pictures Java has

to follow me and be part of it.

My sweetie also got me a very nice card &
then we spent the day together running
around and stopping here & there .
We finished our afternoon with a
nice dinner out.
This is what I spent the rest of the weekend with .
My cold/flu has now moved from my sinuses
and throat to my chest. I have a painful dry
cough & tomorrow I must go to work
because I have an all day company
"Professional Development Day".
Woo Hoo !
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Isn't She Pretty ?

She has a home with me because I didn't think
anyone else would take her in.
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Valentine Gifts To Myself !

Well , not only did my pets make
me feel a little better yesterday
by staying with me on the couch ,
so did the sound of the UPS
I did not get off the couch but I
knew they were just outside my
door waiting for me.
I've been wearing this particular
style from Bali for years ,
they better not stop making them.
It's the only bra that fits my body
that I don't have to wrestle with.
I tried them on and instant comfort.
Nothing like a new bra that fits
to cure what ails you !!
All Cotton stretch & seamless.
No wires !
It doesn't get any better.
Hmmmm, maybe when Bali
hears how much I'm pluggging
their product they'll send me a
couple more of my style in
40DD please !!??

Friday, February 13, 2009

So Here I Sit .......

Oh poor me ....... here I sit , it's
the day before Valentine's Day,
I'm sick. I have a bad cold,or flu?
I just feel yucky,sneezing,coughing,
tired,nausea,chills. Blowing
weird things out of my nose.
I'm sure my sweetie won't even
want to give me a Valentine
kiss for fear of all the germs that
lurk inside of me right now.
I wouldn't want to kiss me
As soon as I post this I'm
lying down for a nappy poo,
on my couch with my
faithful Minnie & Java
by my side. They'll kiss me!
They don't care if Mommy has

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini Dollhouse Cakes

This is my first attempt at making

miniature cakes for my dollhouse.

I'm going to keep working at it to

see what other kinds of pastries

or foods I can make.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Cute Is This ??

This adorable chunky charm bracelet is
available to you on my Etsy !!
Just posted today.
8.5 " bracelet with 1" letter charms.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Come Into My Kitchen

Come in and sit down for awhile.

Would you like a cup of coffee? I just took some
cookies out of the oven if you'd like to try them.

I also have some orange jello & some Ritz

crackers to munch on.

I was in the middle of making a salad for our

dinner tonight.

There's also milk & cookies on the table if you'd

prefer . The kids just finished eating ice cream


It's been so nice having company in my new kitchen.

We've been renovating for awhile now &

still have finishing touches to add here and

there. We need to put up some moulding &

finish decorating. Do you like my new

copper pans ? I love them , and I also got

the matching hanging kitchen tools which

come in handy right by the stove.

I'm going to wrap you a plate of cookies

to take home with you.

Stop by again , I love your company.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sad News For "Home Companion"

Well , today I went to Mary Englebreit's
website to try and order her magazine
again. I've gotten this magazine on
and off through the years & love it !
I was upset to find out that their last
issue printed was the Dec./Jan. one.
I'm really going to miss this one.
I still have a bunch of my old
ones & love looking at them and
cutting out things for art projects.
But I really was looking forward to
some new ones.
We'll miss you Home Companion !
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