Thursday, June 11, 2009

"The Candy Apple" Fairy Party Room & Powder Room

These are the rest of the pictures
that I took at the cute tea room
we stopped at. Besides the bakery
room and the tea room itself,
there was this sweet fairy room
where little girls could have their
birthday parties.
The room was so cheery with the
chandelier and the neat fairy murals
on all of the walls.
There was also a table with a
big pile of fairy wings, crowns &
magic wands for the girls to use
for their parties. I should have
taken a picture of all of it. It was
too cute.
Mixed in with the whimsical
decor were a few old pieces.
Something different to look at
everywhere you turned.
This crown clock and these cute pink
fairy curtains were in the powder room!
More to look at in the powder room
while powdering your nose.
We will definitely visit
this unique
little place again.
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Shelley said...

Hello,I really enjoyed my time here visiting you. What a sweet place to visit...thanks so much for sharing the little tea room...


*Noelle* said...

so cute!!! i love all the tea pots:)

BittersweetPunkin said...

How adorable! Makes me want to be a lil kid again :)