Friday, March 6, 2009

Nana & Grampa just settled down to relax
after a very tiring day. They just moved into
their new farmhouse that's not quite
finished yet but they were anxious &
didn't want to wait.
Nana was just dozing off when the
doorbell rang and the dogs started
barking .......
Nana & Grampa both jumped up because
they weren't expecting anyone.
They opened the door and were shocked
at what they saw.
Someone had left two babies in a basket
right outside their door.
It appears that they are twins and
one is a girl and one a boy.

Nana is so upset that anyone would do this ,

she starts to feel faint &

she is crying.

The two dogs & the cat are all very

curious. None of them are sure what

is going on.

They bring the babies inside and now the two

are crying so Grampa rocks the basket.

It seems to be helping ,
so Nana is happy.
Nana & Grampa know what has to be
done next. They need to call someone
to report this and find a safe place
for the babies to go.
Now that they've made the phone call & wait
for help to arrive Nana decides to play
the piano and sing a lullaby so that
the babies will sleep.
Nana & Grampa know where
they will be brought.....
This sweet little set of twins
will now be up for adoption
on ......
So many ladies go to ETSY
that Nana & Grampa know
the twins will end up in a good
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*Noelle* said...

what a cute, sweet story!!

Carolyn said...

wonderful story !! And i love the chair material and nana`s dress !
You did well to photograph in a small space !

enjoy your weekend sue


Anonymous said...

There is an award That i have given to you over on my blog. Please come over to my "Miniatures" blog to pick it up.