Monday, October 27, 2008

Hydrangeas drying that were picked
from my own garden .

This great hutch I picked up this summer at a tag sale for $40.00.

It goes with my old kitchen perfectly.

A splash of orange color on top of my fridge.

I piled fall galands of apples , pears & cranberries under my clear glass cake dish . It adds a nice touch of color to my hutch. My aluminum cake dish with wooden acorn knob came from a tagsale also for about $2.00.

Colored pictures on my fridge were given to me by a few of my friends

where I work at a day hab facility for young adults with disabilities .

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Girl

My Girl
Myspace Glitter Graphics

I always tell Minnie that she's "My Pretty Little Princess"! This is how it looks every night on my couch ....minus the crown. Minnie usually has all her things piled around herself and watches TV with me.

My Latest Artwork

My first attempt at altered art ........ I really enjoyed making them & found it very relaxing just making it up as I went along.
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Click on the pictures to make them larger,you can see them better.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Never Mind !....#@*&%?#

So....scratch all that rambling that I posted this morning . I either should have had more than half a cup of coffee before I touched the computer , or should have actually read directions before I tried to fix something so early in the morning . I'm not sure what I did to lose half my blog & then have really no idea how it all came back ... I'm just glad it did . From now on no more early morning blogging til I've had at least 2 or 3 cups of coffee !!

I Am Stupid Today

Well ....I made a mess of my blog and I guess it will take me some time to put things back together the way I had them . I lost all my pictures,favorites,music, and followers on my sidebar too ! I hate it when I think I know what I'm doing and I find out how stupid I am instead . Grrrrrr .............

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Next Dancing With The Stars !

I try not to ever discuss religion or politics on my blog but this picture that was sent to me just cracked me up ........ I'm sorry but this picture is just too funny & too cute ! They look great together ....
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Leaf Peeping Ride on Columbus Weekend .......

We stopped at this great farm stand and petting zoo.
Of course we had to try the soft serve maple ice cream
that is featured on this sign . It was very yummy ....
I could have had another one !

There were pumpkins everywhere!

This is a tobacco drying barn where they also stored crates of pumpkins.

The mums were georgeous !
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Leaf Peeping Continued ......

Creepy scarecrow overlooking the sea of pumpkins. She was wearing

a wedding dress & it looked like she was looking down at you .

Piggies in the petting zoo ....... they liked their backs scratched.

Basically they were grunting & eating and wanted to be left alone.

Some sweet sheep.

More wonderfuls colors .

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It Was A Beautiful Day In Western Massachusetts !

This roadside stand at someone's house was adorable.

It was just full of goodies & to pay you just put money in a tin can.

I bought some "farm fresh" red potatoes & some gourds.

This mother hen & her chicks were at the same farm house .
They were walking around , enjoying the sunshine &
digging around in the leaves for bugs to eat .

This is just one of many horses we saw grazing
in a field in front of this beautiful mountain . A few of the horses
let us pet them.

We followed this balloon for awhile and then parked our car &

watched it land right next to this barn . It couldn't have been more colorful !

It really was a perfect day of warm sunshine , fresh air , & neat things to see.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

"Froggie" , The Story Continued .........

Many of you have asked me...........
" whatever happend to " Froggie"? ", my frog
who's been living in my garden pond for the
past two summers . Well , if you remember ......
or scroll back in time if you need to .......
" Froggie " was living for quite a while in the sole
company of my two Koi ........ he later befriended
my rubber turtle & they spent some time together
but I guess Froggie wasn't too impressed .
After a while he must have gotten lonely for other
frog company because ... poof ! , he went missing &
was gone so long that I thought I'd never see him again .

( If you look at this picture closely you'll see that
my garden cherub is looking lovingly at Froggie sitting
down below on the rocks. )
Ok ........ well .... all of a sudden ,when I
was least expecting it , Froggie
came home ! I was so happy that
he came back to be part of my
little tranquil oasis.
Then what do I see ....... after two years of
Froggie being alone ??? This tiny, adorable ,
bright green little frog . He doesn't seem to be
afraid of anything either . He has the same
disposition as Froggie. He sits out on the rocks
for hours catching his dinner & then
retires to his cave for the night
..... I call him "Little One" .
Three ! ........ another guest arrived one night
after one of our many summer storms .
This guy is darker and larger than "Little One", but
much smaller than "Froggie". He's also very timid and
dives into the water or one of the caves every time he
sees me . I guess I never really named this one because
he's always hiding . When I see him I always say ......
" how ya doing little guy?". I think I saved this one
from the filter three times!
So now my pond is a happy haven for many .
Everyone is more relaxed and they are all thriving .
These will be the last photos this year . Soon
everyone will be hunkered down in thier caves
that they've stuffed full of wet leaves and
mud to make it cozy for winter . I will miss
them all through the long cold months and
await their awakening in the Spring .
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Weekend's Finds

Click on the pictures to make them larger , they look better because you can see all the detail.

Two tea cups and saucers out of a "free"box. A christmas girl figurine & a pile of vintage nuns , .50 cents ! A bag full of the California Rainsins .50 cents .

Eight porcelain dolls including one that plays music & a pile of doll clothes (not shown) ...... $5.00 . Six tiny teddy bear birthday candles.....Free .

The large tablecloth I'm holding up behind everything also was a fabulous find from a "free box". Two oval porcelain pins with detailed pictures framed in gold which I'm planning to use as artwork on the walls of my dollhouse........ .50 cents each . A tiny deer figurine & also a small teddy bear for my doll house

Two wooden house type items from Poland ....... free . An old stoneware crock with cover for $ 2.00. A large bag full of smurfs including a mushroom house , smurf car , & boat ....... .50 cents ! A pretty gold salt and pepper set & two clear candy dishes .... $2.50. Most of the items I will sell in my shop . I have so much fun doing this . Each time I go out I'm never sure what I will stumble upon .

All for a grand total of $12.00 !

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Estate Sale Find !

My boy Java posing with the veil .
My girl Minnie said she wanted to pose too !

I bought this beautiful ornately beaded wedding dress at an estate sale & I'll be selling it in my shop . This gown is full of beads and pearls , it has a very long train & it weighs a ton ! It came with a very pretty headpiece and veil & it's original garment bag .

I paid $10.00 !

The long train bustles up under the large bow.

I love this very large bow in the back .

Beautiful detailed beading all the way down
the sleeves.
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