Friday, October 10, 2008

"Froggie" , The Story Continued .........

Many of you have asked me...........
" whatever happend to " Froggie"? ", my frog
who's been living in my garden pond for the
past two summers . Well , if you remember ......
or scroll back in time if you need to .......
" Froggie " was living for quite a while in the sole
company of my two Koi ........ he later befriended
my rubber turtle & they spent some time together
but I guess Froggie wasn't too impressed .
After a while he must have gotten lonely for other
frog company because ... poof ! , he went missing &
was gone so long that I thought I'd never see him again .

( If you look at this picture closely you'll see that
my garden cherub is looking lovingly at Froggie sitting
down below on the rocks. )
Ok ........ well .... all of a sudden ,when I
was least expecting it , Froggie
came home ! I was so happy that
he came back to be part of my
little tranquil oasis.
Then what do I see ....... after two years of
Froggie being alone ??? This tiny, adorable ,
bright green little frog . He doesn't seem to be
afraid of anything either . He has the same
disposition as Froggie. He sits out on the rocks
for hours catching his dinner & then
retires to his cave for the night
..... I call him "Little One" .
Three ! ........ another guest arrived one night
after one of our many summer storms .
This guy is darker and larger than "Little One", but
much smaller than "Froggie". He's also very timid and
dives into the water or one of the caves every time he
sees me . I guess I never really named this one because
he's always hiding . When I see him I always say ......
" how ya doing little guy?". I think I saved this one
from the filter three times!
So now my pond is a happy haven for many .
Everyone is more relaxed and they are all thriving .
These will be the last photos this year . Soon
everyone will be hunkered down in thier caves
that they've stuffed full of wet leaves and
mud to make it cozy for winter . I will miss
them all through the long cold months and
await their awakening in the Spring .
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Anonymous said...

I love that he has company!! And I was wondering what would become of him (them) during the winter months... Soemthing to look forward to in the spring for sure!! And you take the most beautiful photos!...Donna

Susan Hickam said...

Your three frog friends are very cute(for frogs that is). Fun story!