Sunday, October 5, 2008

This Weekend's Finds

Click on the pictures to make them larger , they look better because you can see all the detail.

Two tea cups and saucers out of a "free"box. A christmas girl figurine & a pile of vintage nuns , .50 cents ! A bag full of the California Rainsins .50 cents .

Eight porcelain dolls including one that plays music & a pile of doll clothes (not shown) ...... $5.00 . Six tiny teddy bear birthday candles.....Free .

The large tablecloth I'm holding up behind everything also was a fabulous find from a "free box". Two oval porcelain pins with detailed pictures framed in gold which I'm planning to use as artwork on the walls of my dollhouse........ .50 cents each . A tiny deer figurine & also a small teddy bear for my doll house

Two wooden house type items from Poland ....... free . An old stoneware crock with cover for $ 2.00. A large bag full of smurfs including a mushroom house , smurf car , & boat ....... .50 cents ! A pretty gold salt and pepper set & two clear candy dishes .... $2.50. Most of the items I will sell in my shop . I have so much fun doing this . Each time I go out I'm never sure what I will stumble upon .

All for a grand total of $12.00 !

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Cathy said...

What an amazing stash! Awesome.