Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yellow Plums 
Golden Plums 
Til a week ago I had never even
heard of them . 
I was lucky enough to be given
two heaping bowls full
of fresh picked plums & 
right away I knew I was going 
to make some jam !

I quickly started looking up recipes
for yellow plum jam and finally 
decided to use the one that sounded
best to me and also was flavored
with vanilla and cinnamon . 

My Jam came out perfect &
With all of the plums I was given 
I was able to make quite a few
pint size jars that I will now
store away for future gift giving 
and keep a couple for myself 
of course .

Have you been admiring my plants in the background ?

These clover plants are one of my new loves .

I bought a couple of these plants for a dollar 
a piece at a thrift store and I love them . 
I especially love the deep dark reddish purple 
ones with delicate white flowers ,  
they seem like they are constantly 
in bloom .

1 comment:

Earlene L. said...

Bet that jam is delicous!!!!!!!