Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Adorable Farm That We Stumbled Upon

We stumbled upon this very
old farm out in western Mass.
on our ride to no where.
I just love places like this.

The owners were outside working on 
their house and were so nice to let 
my husband and I look around and
take a peek at all of their animals.

Take a look at the cute old 
turkey house above.

These turkeys were a riot.
So big and fat and colorful !
Not afraid of people at all, 
they came right to me.

And look at the long eyelashes &
smile on this little piggy's face.

And there were lots more piggy friends , 
just doin' their thing.

And beautiful red hens
doing theirs.

These guys have amazing coloring on 
their faces & love to poof
themselves up .

Impressive horns on this guy.

And a most beautiful red rooster.

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