Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Warmth & Beauty Of Spring

 Spring ........ New life ,
new beginnings & warm
sunshine. My Favorite time
of year !

The 4 perfect , beautiful little
blue robin's eggs are
sitting in my pretty little
weeping cherry tree right 
outside my window.

What a sight to behold.
Four little lives being formed 
right in front of me. 
 Momma robin sure did
pick a beautiful home
for her family.
 I can watch her from my window.
She sees me too when I  move
the curtain but now she 
seems to be getting used to me.
 I love these soft pink blooms. 
I always wish that they would 
last longer than they do.
They are such a treat.

 New things are popping
open all over the yard.
 I love the cute little
grape hyacinths.
 All of my fish made it through
the winter. 
They seem happy and healthy.

 I've started a few early things
in my veggie garden.

There's so much to enjoy 
this time of year.
Happy Spring !


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, Suzee, to be able to see that nest! You have been blessed. Great pix.xx


How AWESOME for you! I put up a bluebird house and hope they make a nest in it!
Cute fairy cups! I tried to visit your esty shop. When I clicked on it, it went to etsy to sign up, not to your shop. Just wanted you to know!
Thanks for visiting me!
Your flowering tree is beautiful!
Deb said...

We are ping ponging from 70 degree days to 30 degrees! I've been planting and then watching things freeze. I sure am ready for spring.

susan said...

I love those pretty blue eggs!

Love, Susan xo