Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Mama Bird

 Do you remember my
4 perfect little robin's eggs ?
Well, here's Mama .

She watches me watching her.

A twinkle in her eye .

A beautiful little creature &
future Mommy.


Anonymous said...

How marvelous. Thanks for sharing pix. xx

vivian said...

awww.. isnt she sweet.. though she is probably not thinking very nice thoughts about you! lol! finally spring here too and I do believe there are some birds living in my porch roof! cant see them.. but figgy and frannie and I have definitely heard them!
have a great day.

susan said...

I love your birdie photos, Sue. We have a little nest with eggs too (it's built on a rung of the ladder hanging on the potting shed). And we're watching and waiting, just like you.

Love, Susan xo