Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time With My Grandson

So ... We had him for an
We picked up something
for dinner so that " Nina"
wouldn't have to cook &
then stopped at the
grocery store to make
sure he had waffles &
juice for his breakfast.

After dinner we started
being silly and giving
eskimo kisses to each other.

Warning ....
try and remember
that your grandson has a
cold before you do this !

While we were at the
grocery store we
had to spend a few
quarters in the machine
on the way out.

We got theses two little
capsules filled with these
slimy squishy things
that you were suppose to
put in water & they
would grow.

They don't grow .... lol.

But we sure had fun
watching &
waiting and talking
about it !

It never happened so
we were done with
that and on to the
 next thing.

Of course I put the jar
on the counter just in
case these gooey things
proved me wrong.

Eskimo kisses with
 " GrayPa" next.

Of course after this
visit " Nina " got the cold,
" GrayPa " didn't .


Shirley said...

Such a handsome grandson and I'm sure he had the best time even if his slinky things were just duds..
Hope your cold passes quickly!

Anonymous said...

Delightful post, Suzee. The photo of you and your grandson swapping cold germs is lovely. Cold be damned, I'd do it, too! said...

Did they ever grow? I've not tried those, but it looks like fun to watch. Kids love to dream about what might happen, don't they?

susan said...

Looks like the 3 of you had a fun weekend together, Sue! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Love, Sue xo