Thursday, October 4, 2012

Susan Branch Visited My Shop Today !!!

I love ,love, LOVE 
Susan Branch 
I have for years!
I've been collecting, enjoying &
gifting her books for years.

She is such a talented artist !


Well today this man &
woman walked into my shop
and started to browse
around and then the woman
asked me who made the little
 wooden houses I had on one of
my shelves. I had painted them
and embellished them
with some adorable
Susan Branch stickers.
I told her that I did and
then she said ,
" I'm Susan Branch".
Of course then I'm shrieking
"you're Susan Branch?"
over and over and saying...
." Really,you're Susan Branch?"...
 " I Love You",
" I LOVE your work!"...... then
the man she was with stood next to
her and I asked him ....
" Is this really Susan Branch???"
Of course he said that she was.
Then she said she just had to get one of
my little houses and I gave it to her.
When else will I ever get the
chance to gift Susan Branch.
Well she kept shopping and
I kept gabbing with her
while she shopped and she
really is a sweet and fun lady.
I asked her to sign one of my
store maps that I have and
 hung it on my special
wall of items by my desk.
I will always cherish the
 memory of my
shop being visited by such a
wonderful and talented lady.
I told her I hoped if she was
ever in Monson ,Ma. again
that she would stop by.

If you don't know yet
who Susan Branch is then
check out the link to her
website that I've posted
above and soon you will fall
in love with her art &
 her books.


susan said...

Wow, you had quite a wonderful Wednesday at your little shop, didn't you, Sue?! It must have been such a surprise to have Susan Branch walk through your door! I'm sure she loved the little wooden house you gave her!
Have a happy day.

Love, Sue xo


That is very AWESOME! I do have a couple of her books!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Suzee. I really enjoyed her blog.xx

Susan Branch said...

Hi Sue! Being on the road has made it difficult for me to connect to your blog, but I did want to say how nice it was to meet you and how much I love my little house!! It's been a wonderful trip .... thank you so much for your kindness. Susan