Friday, October 26, 2012

My Halloween Matchbox Swap

( On my hutch a few coveted Halloween creations)

This Halloween Matchbox Swap
was hosted by

 I was paired up with 
Donna from 

Well my swap goodies
 from Donna
were amazing !
She is truly a very
talented artist.

She packed a cute black 
with silver spider webs
on it full of goodies. 

Her decorated matchbox
above was absolutely
beautiful and neatly done 
and very detailed.

And this adorable
Dominoes tile book .......
well I've just never seen
one before and I 
adore this one.

Again.....her work is so 
intricate and detailed 
and perfectly 
put together!

Look how this opens
into a amazing little
accordion book 
filled with black crows.

Of course this burlap 
pumpkin above is 
right up my alley
along with the
 adorable rings ,
pillbox, tags and
 stamp !

And you can never have enough
wonderful trims .

Or crafting supplies.

Thank you Donna !

Happy Halloween !


earlene said...

Lots to look at.

my cup of tea said...

Thank you Sue, I loved the box you sent me too! This box was really fun!

susan said...

Wow, so many cool goodies! And that tiny book is the best of all!Lucky you!

Love, Sue xo

Attic Clutter said...
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Attic Clutter said...

I just love all your cute coveted Halloween stuff SUZZZZZZZZZZE(