Monday, October 22, 2012

Checking In With Mark & Marie

It's been quite a while
since we've checked in on
Mark & Marie Bethany
who had just bought
a house on 
 Birch Tree Lane.

Marie's been enjoying her roof
top deck as much as she can
all summer long and even
the warmer Fall days we've
been having.

She's been working
through most of
the summer
on a painting for
her husband Mark
 is just about done.

She takes her lunch with
 her & her little dog Mimi
enjoys the hours spent in
quiet solitude doing what
she loves most.

She loves being creative.

And while Marie is up on
the roof Mark is enjoying
his solitude too with his
feet up on the coffee table
and reading his daily paper.

I'm sure Mark's next plan will
be to take an afternoon nap
which is one of the things he
enjoys most !


"MOI" Freubel said...

Aaaahh...What a joyful post !!!

Sim said...

Hahaha! I looooove!

susan said...

I've been wondering how things are going with Marie and Mark. Looks like they are doing well (and Marie is quite a good artist!).

Love, Sue xo

Anonymous said...

Marie is so stylish! Fun!xx