Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't Miss The Little Things

( you need to click on
these pics to see them better)

I've been a busy girl but I'm
never too busy to sit
with my husband for a
morning coffee in our little
haven outside.

My yard is just full of life
now ; new life.

Catching a moment like
this is precious.

And seeing Minnie,
 my small grey
poodle, smile again is
also very precious.
She's getting old now &
last week she was
extremely sick.
We savour the moments we
still have with her.

My sparkling waterfall just
makes everyone happy!
The sound is so
Me, Hubby, my fish,
my frogs, and
my birds who
bathe in it &
drink from it.

We love the
Little Things.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.Thank you.

susan said...

Oh, I love the happy smile on Minnie's face - but Java looks so serious!
I'm so glad you're enjoying your yard again, Sue - you do have a wonderful little paradise back there!

Love, Sue

Shirley said...

It is the little things that make life so worth living. And just being happy sitting with your loved one's in your own little piece of the earth is wonderful. I love the birdie feeding the offsprings. We are all truly blessed. Hope your Minnie continues to feel good.Hugs to you my friend and enjoy every moment!