Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Such A Wonderful Gift !

This is what I found
waiting for me when I got
home from work
I never ever thought
that the sight of a
newly planted tree
in my yard would
make me want to
We have been through
so much in our little
town of Monson, Ma.
since our June 1st
tornado last year.

But through it all
many people have
shown what big hearts
they all have.

Thank you !


Shirley said...

Oh what a LOVELY tree! It does make you want to cry..but happy tears as all things are planted with love.
Best wishes to you today my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

That is so kind and lovely and your appreciation makes me want to cry, too.
P.S. love your banner

susan said...

Your yard is starting to look beautiful again, Sue! What a wonderful gift - and I love where it's planted.
Have a happy day.

Love, Sue xo

Attic Clutter said...

hi suzzzzzzzzzzzzee(:)
Hope you have a wonderful Easter(:)

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