Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sorry I've Been Out Of The Loop

I've been packing
Moving my Antique/Gift
shop for the past week !
Half way there .

I'm excited to say that
my new shop will
be bigger &
brighter & right in my
own town !

I will be open soon !


Shirley said...

How exciting this is for you! I'm sure you have so much to do and getting things all organized. Of course after all the hard work is done then you can enjoy it. Was your old shop further away from your town? I'm so happy for you.

susan said...

We drove by Trinkets a couple days ago - and oh my, there wasn't much in the windows. I can't believe how fast this is happening, Sue - you make my head spin! But, I'm very excited about your new bigger and closer-to-home shop.

Love, Sue

susan said...

I LOVE your new shop, Sue! Thank you for inviting me over to check it out yesterday. I'm so excited for you!!!

Love, Sue

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