Sunday, March 4, 2012

Please Be Safe

This message is for
all of my blogger
friends who may have
been in harms way
during the dozens of
horrific tornadoes
that passed through
many states destorying
so much in their paths.
My heart goes out
to all of you & I
hope you are all


Jacqueline said...

Oh amen to that. I live in the Pacific Northwest but I have been reading about the mass destruction with very sad eyes and concern.

Fun to come back and see your shop and all your creative posts. It's been pure pleasure.

In kindness,
Once Upon a Fairyland

susan said...

Oh, Sue - isn't it terrible? My heart just breaks for all those poor people who are in the path of the tornadoes. The loss and devastation is so overwhelming.
My eyes still fill with tears, looking at our own little town. How can anyone ever feel safe?

Love, Sue xo

Shirley said...

Dear Sue, I agree with Sue, how can we ever feel safe. I know I'm not looking forward to this summer. I have this fear that tornados are going to be touching down at any given time. I never thought it could happen as often as it has been. Do you ever recall a time when the news reported one right after another? Gives me the cold chills...
So, so sad...

Anonymous said...
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yh said...
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