Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet Joyce, Jenna, & Jonah

Joyce is a single
mother of two twins
Jenna & Jonah.
I met Joyce at an
antique store down
town and she told
me that she had
just bought an old
house on
Birch tree lane.
The house is kind of
" A fixer upper"
but Joyce is
looking forward
to all of it.
Joyce loves the
Joyce is a very hard
working, adventurous ,
light hearted & happy-
go-lucky person and is
anxious to meet her
new neighbors on
Birch Tree Lane.
She is very open to
the idea of maybe
having a man in her
life again some day.
We'll see what the
future holds for her &
her children.


Kristen said...

What adorable little dolls! Forgive my ignorance, since I don't know much about dolls in general, but how old do you think they are?

Anonymous said...

Sweet story and special dolls!

susan said...

Oh, Sue - how lucky you were to meet Joyce and her children!
They will be so happy living on Birch Tree Lane. And, I'm sure Mark and Marie will welcome them to the neighborhood.

Love, Sue xo

PS Wherever did Joyce buy those large bananas?!!

Shirley said...

This reminds me so much of the first time I found your blog..The lovely family (can't recall their names) was so intersting..now you have another family..I hope Joyce finds a friend soon and her children are adorable..A big smile for this post!

pancyrush said...

You allot such beautiful little and lovely dolls with us. Its al dolls colour is very nice and sweet.

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suzeeez said...

Kristen ..... to answer your question, these tiny dolls are from Germany and may be from the 1930's 0r 40's.

Sandy Michelle said...

Tell Joyce she might want to re-think finding a man because they are more trouble than kids..lol!JK! Did I just write that? Thanks for popping by sweetie :) I love the Easter egg carton swap you did!!

Sandy xox

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