Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Weekend With My GrandBaby Boy

What a fun weekend he had at "Nina's".
He loves all of my pets
including the fire belly frogs.
His first time on an
antique covered wagon
I believe.
We spent time at the train
station doing some train
Sometimes he's just
so serious for a
little less than 3 yrs old.
I'm getting a look here. Serious again while looking at his train pictures. Some neat old antiques
for Nina to look at. Of course every little boy
loves the caboose !

At this age

trains are his passion , lol.

We all know the obsession

starts with


Such a nice time with him these past 2 days.

He's really growing so

quickly so I cherish these

overnight visits even though

they exhaust "Nina".


susan said...

Love the photos of you and your little sweetie, Sue! Looks like you guys had a fun lunch at the depot!
But, I do know how tired you must be (early to bed for "Nina").
See you soon.

Love, Sue xo

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Greetings, my friend! I haven't visited in a while and what a PERFECT time to come to see this precious little boy! Oh, he is adorable! My favorite age for a child is when they are three years old... I tell that to EVERYONE. I remember my son (who's now 21!!!) when he was three. It's an age when they are growing up, you can see it, yet they are STILL little, still a little baby-ish, and you KNOW you won't have that for long. So if your grandson is just REACHING three... Oh my, relish and treasure this coming year! He's adorable and God bless him! (and you too Suzzeee!!!!!)

Shirley said...

Hi Sue,
Looks like you had a great time with your beautiful little grandson. What fun it must have been to be able to go on the caboose..boy's just love that stuff..and he sure is a serious little guy..he must be taking it all in. Hope you had a good rest.

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