Saturday, November 12, 2011

She Lost Her Head !

" Hey lady, are you O.K. ?"

" Not really "

" I'm feeling a little detatched today "

" I see. "
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susan said...

You are a funny girl, Sue! That's one of the things I love about you! Thanks for the smile this morning.

xo sue

Anonymous said...

Poor wee angel! Great photojournalism, Suzee!

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

I am SO beside myself to have to ask for your address once again! I deeply, deeply apologize.
I wasn't able to make it to the post office this week and was on my way this morning only to find that I can't find your address again!!! Needless to day life got a bit crazy and my brain hasn't been present. I have packed your box with extra goodies because of the lonnng delay.

So, I promise on my pinky toe this is the very last time I will ask and I assure you your goodies will be dropped at the post office today. PINKY SWEAR!

Thank you,

Loretta said...

You are tooo funny! She could really use your help...maybe a bit of plaster-of-paris! She'll thank you for the...heads-up! lol.
Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs! Loretta

Shirley said...

hahahahahaaaaa...I needed a laugh today and this was just the right thing to do that..Funny..It's good to laugh and sorry for your poor lady..hehehe...
Hope you are fine..I had no power this morning and no computer last night..crazy..but I still have my head!

earlene said...

That is so funny!

Maelchen said...

This is awesome. What a nice game of words and images...