Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Very Special Gift From My Friend

All of the gorgeous art work above
was done by my extremely
talented & gifted friend Susan.
We made books for each other and
had a great visit while exchanging
them the other afternoon.
When I look at Susan's art I am
inspired to keep going and to
create more.
I love my book and will
cherish it forever!
I do wish Sue would
start her own blog and share
her talent and
wonderful ideas with all of you.
Maybe Some Day !
Thank you Susan !!!
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Shirley said...

Beautiful book..I love it..what talent.She should do a blog...I know I would follow. And it's fun to see pages about you!

susan said...

Thank YOU, Sue! What a shock it was to see these very familiar pages on your blog.
I loved making our little books together. It was such a fun art project - and I will always treasure the book you made for me (as I do our friendship).
YOU are the one who inspires!

Love you, Susan xo