Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Sweet Town Of Monson, Massachusetts

One week ago exactly at
around 5pm
this is what was happening
in my picturesque
little town.
I was in my cellar.
Each and every telephone pole on all
streets were down and wires
everywhere !
Sirens blaring, people yelling
for each other and crying.
The town had just taken a
beating from 160 mph winds!
This is what I see from the front of my
house which still stands.
We lost our roof and almost
every tree in my yard.
I lost my roof ,deck,garden arbor,
garden, and it rained in my home.
My house was built in 1891.
This is what I see from my house! And this is right next door from the house above. This is my friend Laura standing on a pile of rubble which was once her home built in the 1800s.
This church is the "First Church" in Monson , it's where I sit now as I write this post. This church is open right now 24 hours a day to tornado victims. They have been serving 3 meals a day and also have been taking in donations and distributing groceries to all people in need. They've had crews in this heat cooking hot dogs & hamburgers outside on a grill for the entire week too.
They have counseling offered
if it's needed.
They have computers set up
for anyone who needs to
reach someone. They have organized drivers who are making rounds to affected streets with cold drinks and food.
Many people have lost everything. Neighbors are helping each other in any way they can. Many of us were going around and helping our friends dig through the rubble piles that used to be homes to find whatever we could find.
We are all in shock. These photos don't do justice.
We will take each day one at a time. WE ARE ALIVE
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artistamyjo said...

Oh Suz, I am so very sorry what a tragic event for you and everyone.
You have such a beautiful place,hope you can restore most of what was there.
It's a Blessing that your all alive.
Prayers and thoughts to you ,your family and all those effected.
Hugs, Amy

Shirley said...

It's so good to have you back. And to know you are not hurt. It was so scary knowing we were under tornado watch until after midnight. I was scared to go to bed. When I heard Monson was hard hit, my heart went out to you and all your neighbors. Every day our local newspaper has a story about the kindness of others doing like neighbors should always do...stand by one another. I'm so happy to have my blog sister back in the communication world! prayers for you and everyone who has been changed by this horrible event.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

OH my! I am so very sorry. :-( Thank God you are ok. My heart goes out to all that have lost family, friends, and homes. There has been so much death and destruction from the horrible storms this Spring. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

susan said...

Oh, Sue, I can't even recognize your street - it does look like a war zone. It's so, so sad what's happened to Monson.
But, the spirit of the people is amazing - the way everyone is caring for everyone. I love living here.
Sending you love, my dear friend. I've been missing you.

xo Sue

essle said...`s heartbreaking, but also you should have to thanks to God that you people are literally saved by natural disaster.
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Janet said...

I am so sorry to hear about this! I can't imagine going through this disaster! I'm so glad you are okay and my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Mooghiscath said...

Impressionnnant , je vous souhaite tout le meilleur pour reconstruire .

Ellen said...

Hi SuzeeeZ's, I am Shirleys sister Ellen. I am soooooo sorry that mother nature did what she did to you and so many wonderful people. My heart aches each and every day. And I pray for you as well. My sister was feeling such a loss when you were out of communictions. Now for some more salt to the womb. Shirley had a bit of a mishap yesterday. She was attending to her peanies and she went to go into the garage to get a stake to tie them up and her toe caught the hose feed and she toppled over. She managed to break both wrists and will be needing surgery someime in the beginning of the week. She will be staying at my home so I can care for her. She will not be blogging on her own, but when she is feeling a bit better I will help her blog as its her favorite thing to do. And its nice people like you that gives her such joy. She, just like the lil town of Munson will over come all the obsticles and it will get better.
Hugs to you,

DeeDee said...

keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers...These pictures speak volumes of how mother nature can be,,,, be safe..take care...

The Rustic Victorian said...

I understand, I truely do. It is heartbreaking to see this scene all around town here. How very lucky you were. Hang in there. I will keep your sweet town in my prayers.


once in a blue moon said...

omg this is all so devastating... to see it all up so close is truly haunting. i hope those in harms way are coping as well as can be.