Saturday, May 14, 2011

My MAY Visit To Brimfield Flea Market

Here are some Brimfield photos for
all of you who are unable to
visit this 3 times a year
flea market.
I believe it's the biggest flea
market in the United States.
I happen to live about
10 minutes away so I
get to visit each and
every show if I want.
What a small world it is
even though there were
thousands who came from
all different parts of the
country and different countries
of the world !
I made my rounds by
myself for about 2 hours
before going to work &
opening my own shop
for the day.
Before I left I just had to
get a famous
Pilgrim Sandwich
to take with me.
( It's a must have now for me )

Anyways ..... While standing in line I

recognise a blogger friend that I've

met only once standing just 2 people

in front of me in line at the

Pilgrim Sandwich hut.

This is her awesome tent above .

( the one with the sign that says

guillotine rides )

Tricia and her husband spend many

months traveling around the

country to many different shows.

I just found it neat that I would find her

so easily in the crowd.

Visit Tricia at

I've never met these two
before, they look like it's
just not their thing .
I always love looking at this huge
display of garden statuary.
I think I need one of everything in my
" Tranquil Garden "
Love her ! Just an array of really neat finds. Cute Above is my sandwich spot ! I love this lady in the long skirt carrying her baskets. If she is looking at those pillows, I too thought they were pretty but very over priced. This dolly in the pram was cute.
Relaxing setting here, the
colors were very pretty.
Now it was way too cold
out for this topless
lady !
She was ignoring me.
And especially cold for
this bathing beauty!
Huh ????
This is me leaving.... lol .
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Missouri's Lilac said...

Looks like fun. :)

susan said...

I love your Brimfield photos, Sue! Looks like you had a fun day. We went today and got a beautiful oak bookcase. Did you get any special treasures?

xo sue

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Saw some garden statues I would like to have. :D What is a pilgrim sandwich?
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

suzeeez said...

A Pilgrim Sandwich is Yummy fresh turkey breast with carnberry sauce and stuffing on a long soft roll.
Mmmmm m m m m m m m m m m !

suzeeez said...

Hmmmmm ... what did I get ??? A few little what nots! I got a little wooden dresser with a mirror for my dollhouse. I got a Tony the Tiger cereal spoon for my grandson. I got a crochet vest for myself that has pearls on it...and I got some glass beads. Just a few little trinkets.

artistamyjo said...

Lucky you to be so close. I went there once years ago and have always wanted to return!
Hugs, Amy

QueenBe said...

I have always wanted to go to Brimfield.... maybe one day. Thanks for showing me what it looks like :)

Trudi Sissons said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden and funky blog!! The trip to the flea market had me watering at the mouth to visit one with so much great stuff!!

Enjoyed my visit!!