Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sun kissed Orange Soap !

After one too many snow

storms I have been in need

of something to remind me

of warm weather so I

decided to make some citrus

scented soap.

Sun Kissed Orange !

I'll be selling it in my shop

but I did keep a bar for myself.

This yummy soap has a creamy
mango butter base & is
scented with a rich
orange essential oil .
I've added some freshly
grated zest of orange too.
It's the perfect aromatherapy for a
cold winters day.
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Anonymous said...

Your citrus scented soap looks and sounds heavenly! I can almost smell it now... sigh...
Happy Sunday to you! :-)
~ Jo


oh I bet it smell wonderful Sue(:) been awhile'' HI- HI''(:) patty

Jacqueline said...

I have been missing so much in the blog world and I need to get over here and visit you more often. You have such an awesome blog. Do you have your own shop or are you talking about your Etsy shop?
I'm very excited to announce I've just opened my own little store up here in the Pacific Northwest. I've been blogging about it if you have a minute to take a peek.
I have miniatures and I intend to have lots more. I have one whole section devoted to them and dolls. I found an older women in Alaska that makes the cutest little hats and two others that make mini game boards and food.

I love Magnolia Pearl too...oh goodness...I could get seriously addicted to your blog!

Winking from Washington...
Once Upon A Fairyland


That looks lovely. I can almost smell it!
Lisa & Alfie