Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Goodies From My Beach Trip

I treated myself to some of

my favorite licorice from

the candy store in

Perkins Cove,

Ogunquit ,Maine.

I also bought myself the

awesome smelling beach

candle above from my favorite

store " Spoiled Rotten ".

The scent is a sensual mix

of lavender,eucalyptus,musk &


I bought myself a couple of "Air Plants"

at Perkins Cove also. You just have to

dunk them in water a couple

of times a week and then they can

live in any kind of dish or glass

that you like with a little indirect


I found this sweet little bride salt

shaker at an outdoor fleamarket that

we stopped at.

Then I bought this huge bag of
vintage jewelry pieces ,
buttons & baubbles .
I love to create my ornate
trinket boxes with this.
( I found one special little flower
pendant in this pile that is
sterling silver with a pink
sapphire in it & also signed
on the back . This one I keep!)
I've sold one of my boxes in
my shop already.
More pictures of my beach trip
are on their way !
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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the beach. The heat has been so bad here, I have stayed in with the a/c most of the time. Hope you got a good deal on the bag of vintage jewelry. The prices have really gone up around here - if you can even find some pretty pieces.
Hope your business is doing well also.